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Tech Companies, World Brace For Extra Second In Time

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Leap second to happen now
The World braces for extra second

Have you been in a situation where you wished you had more time? Well today?s your chance. The World Clock will be adding an extra ?leap second? so the Earth?s rotation can be in sync with our time.

This adjustment has been done by scientists since 1972 around 25 times already ? the last one was in 2012. According to them, the Earth?s rotation is slowing down, but our clocks do not. So to give it a second, is actually a chance for everything to be back in sync.

The problem however, lies in the fact that most time adjustments happened during weekends. The ?61 seconds? is scheduled to happen at 8pm tonight, in New York, alongside the opening of Markets in Asia, so everyone from businessmen to tech industries are actually bracing for that moment when time stands still.

It can be remembered that in 2012, companies like Mozilla, Reddit, Foursquare, Yelp, LinkedIn and StumbleUpon suffered some glitches because of the time adjustment. With everything being digital nowadays, it is easy to understand how this phenomenon can un-sync systems. In Australia, almost 400 flights were delayed when their check-in system crashed.

So they are not making the same mistake this year. Bloomberg reported that the Stock Market in New York is ending their trading time early, while those in Sydney and Tokyo have calibrated their clocks early on.

Google has developed a special time technique that adds milliseconds to its clock so it gradually syncs in time when the extra second happens. The same is being done by Amazon.com who?s been adjusting their clocks since this morning.

Reddit on the other hand, are confident that they won?t be having any of the problems they encountered in 2012, and that they have been preparing for the rare occurrence for some time now.

As for the rest of the world, they are taking this event in stride.

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