More teasers released for the 19th Pokemon movie

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Expect more teasers from the 19th installation of Pokemon movie.

As the July debut of the much anticipated movie draws closer, more and more movie footages are being released for fans. These will surely fire up all the Pokemon fans and trainer wannabes.

The 19th Pokemon movie, entitled Pok?mon the Movie XY & Z – Volcanion and the Ingenious Magearna, will be premiering in cinemas on July 16.

In a report from Christian Post, the upcoming film will feature a new Pokemon, Magearna. It is an artificial and metallic bipedal Pokemon created 500 years ago and will be the anchor of the movie. Another mythical Pokemon will also be featured in the film, the Volcanion. Volcanion is a fire/water Pokemon with blue and yellow marks.

This Pokemon will be encountered by Ash along a city of cogs and gears where Magearna was taken by an evil minister. Due to unseen circumstances, Ash and Volcanion will team up to find the Pokemon and save it from the minister?s inhumane plans.

The latest trailer shows how Volcanion and Ash meet and are bounded together with what appears to be a special magnet. Viewers are also shown how other Pokemons, aside from loyal and lovable Pikachu, will help the two in fighting the evil minister and rescuing Magearna.

The film is written by Atsuhiro Tomioka with Kunihiko Yuyama as the director.

Will the two successfully save the new Mythical Pokemon? Or will the minister thwart them and use the Pokemon for his evil intentions?

Four months to go until we find out for sure! Until then, let?s hope we get more teaser materials to keep us satisfied.

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