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Team Fortress 2 Update: New Update Finally Revealed! New Maps, Easter Eggs And More!

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After a long wait for an update for the game, it has finally arrived.

The Invasion update has been in the works for a long team, with the Valve team and some from the community in Team Fortress 2, who are mainly responsible in the update?s maps and other cosmetic items, are busy building the patch, with some hints to the gamers for the progress of the update. And finally it has arrive and it looks to be fun.

Included in the Invasion patch are four new maps, namely 2Fort Invasion, Probed, Byre, and Watergate, it will also include new high tech weapons skins like the Batsaber and the Shooting Star. It will also have an Invasion campaign and more hats, in a form of space hats.

Also another cool part with the update is the neat Easter Egg found in one of the maps. In the Watergate map, if you manage to do some parkouring around the area, you will notice that the level design is very inspired from Bethesda?s Dishonored series, and you can find some nifty Easter eggs along the way, including a promotional mask costume item that was part of the promotional run when Dishonored was released.

Even when the update was delayed, Valve added some humor to their cryptic messages regarding to the delay, one of the example is showing images on the update page to add more jokes about the delay. Though the update has finally been added to Team Fortress 2, some feel that the update is a lackluster as it lacks more content while some love the update as Valve continues to support the community by collaborating with them on their community created contents.

Team Fortress 2 is a free-to-play first person shooter that is available on Steam, you can head on their website for more details.

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