Team Fortress 2 Update Introduces New Mode

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There will be a new update coming in for Team Fortress 2. The ?Love and War Update? took a 3-day run up to ensure players that features are perfect.

The recent update for Team Fortress 2 added a new mode called ?Robot Destruction? and two beta maps. However, the maps are quite drafty as they are rough, unbalanced, and in some cases, untextured.

Teams will have to take down robots that patrol inside other team?s bases in the new Robot Destruction mode. These bots are not deadly unlike those in Man vs. Machine Mode. However, when you attempt to attack them, the defenseless machines will flee and all of you must be able to destroy them before your enemy team does. The machines will drop points once they are dead. These points stack up but your enemy team can steal it. Each team has a battery; it allows your team to steal points from other teams.

The new mode will take place in a map called the ?Asteroid?. It features a space-like environment where teams will have to destroy each other. Valve is also teasing players with their new moon base concept art. They are still working on its development. But while they are onto it, you can check out their new Payload map: Cactus Canyon.

There are many features coming for Team Fortress 2 including new taunts, maps, weapons, and modes. You can check the new maps installed by looking at the selection, ?Play Beta Maps?. You go to the Multiplayer Menu and select the checkbox. You can also try an alternative way to play it, head out to the server browser and you will find it there.

There are reports that Valve and Team Fortress 2 team are looking for volunteers from its game community to work on some of the upcoming features of the game. For more details, check out their Team Fortress 2 blog.


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