Teacher Bullied By Students Video Link Goes Viral, What Actions Will Be Taken?

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A surprising video of a group of students was previously posted online and went viral due to a shocking scene of a student subjecting a female teacher to bullying and threats inside the classroom. The short video shows an enraged student picking a fight with a teacher, throwing things at her and telling her berating statements while fellow students watch and laugh at the female teacher, according to the Daily Mail.

The woman being threatened is believed to be a substitute teacher for the Chicago Vocational Career Center. The video was previously recorded on a cell phone by a student at the CVCA. ?What I say something I mean it. Now ask me what my name is again,? a male student yelled as he makes his way to the teacher while the classmates hold him back.

And according to The Blaze, ?another female student comes behind her desk and yells at the teacher ? apparently for letting the other students talk to her in an unkind way.? The video ends when another person, not seen in the clip, entered the room while other students were heard saying, ?be quiet.?

WGN asked for an interview with the Chicago Vocational Career Center and was referred to Chicago Public Schools (CPS) in which they gave a statement:

?The safety of students and staff is our top priority at Chicago Public Schools, and the behavior in this video is completely unacceptable. Over the past four years, CPS has worked hard to provide all schools with restorative justice and social and emotional learning supports, both of which are shown to reduce misconducts and keep at risk students connected to their school communities.?

Although the male student threatened and threw several objects towards her, the teacher was calm and tolerant on the whole situation. Information is still unknown as for the name of the student responsible for threatening and bullying the teacher and for the other students inside the classroom.

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