Taylor Swift Unfollowed By Calvin Harris On Twitter; She Still Follows Him

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Taylor Swift has been a hot topic since she was spotted kissing Tom Hiddleston on a beach the other day. And, it seems like the singer will continue to hit the headlines as her ex-boyfriend, Calvin Harris, reportedly unfollowed her on Twitter.

On the social networking site, Harris is following over 4,000 people, and Swift is no longer one of them, as reported by CNN. He has also deleted a tweet he previously posted this month which refers to his breakup with Swift. ?The only truth here is that a relationship came to an end and what remains is a tremendous amount of love and respect,? said the post. Swift retweeted the post but apparently deleted it as well.

The ?love and respect? Harris talked about on his post seem to have disappeared following the recent news of Swift and Hiddleston and it probably led to his decision to no longer follow the singer on Twitter. Swift, on the other hand, still follows Harris on the social networking site, which gives rise to speculations that she still wants to know what is going on in Harris? life.

Aside from Twitter, the ex-couple also let their followers on Instagram know that they are not together anymore as they have decided to delete all their pictures together posted on the photo sharing site. One of the posts deleted by Swift was the locket Harris gave her for their one-year-anniversary. Also, the photos of their romantic getaway in the Bahamas have been removed from both of their accounts.

The recent activities on the two?s social media accounts could be linked to the recent photos published online where Swift was spotted kissing Hiddleston in the U.S. State of Rhode Island. According to showbiz insiders, Harris did not take the news very well and said he was furious about how quickly Swift has moved on.

?The timing of this looks very bad for Swift. There was an obvious connection with Tom at the Met Gala – you can see that in the video of them dancing together,? said a source of The Sun. ?Her [Swift] people are insistent that no one was involved in the split with Calvin, which is most likely the case. But it feels pretty disrespectful to be moving on to someone public so quickly,? added the source.

With all these recent news and big decisions involving Harris and Swift, it is pretty clear that they are ?never ever getting back together.? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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