Taylor Swift Subtly Revealed Who She Voted With the Type of Clothes She Wore

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The US Presidential elections is heating up with Donald Trump clearly leading the race. But earlier this morning, celebrities showed their respect and acknowledgment of their responsibilities by going out and voting. Taylor Swift is one of them and while she did not vocally reveal who she voted for, her outfit for the day showed signs she rooted for Hillary Clinton.

According to reports, Taylor Swift?s shoulderless top mimicked what Lena Dunham, her sometimes squad mate, wore when she went to support Hillary Clinton on one of her campaign trails. The shoulderless clothing is related to one of Clinton?s dresses years ago. In Dunham?s statement, she said on an Instagram post ?Headed to Denver to meet some of my favorite Nasty Women in support of @hillaryclinton! Let’s do all we can in the days that remain. RN I’m paying tribute in my @lpathelabel cold shoulder sweater??

Taylor Swift?s shoulderless top subtly says she voted for Clinton. But until she vocally reveals who she voted for, we could be wrong.

Taylor Swift on Instagram

Today is the day. Go out and VOTE ??

A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on Nov 8, 2016 at 8:01am PST

As of writing, Donald Trump is extremely leading the race with with 244 against Hillary?s 215 votes. Candidates need to reach 270 votes in order to be declared the winner. Clinton?s camp was left dumbfounded when key states showed support for Trump and then came Florida where the former owner of the Miss Universe pageant also won. With less than 10 states to count, Clinton?s chances are becoming thinner and Trump?s camp is on the verge of celebrating.

Meanwhile, Republicans retained their seats in the House, while the Senate where the Democratic party trails Republicans by 2 remains undecided. Trump recently released a statement about issues on conceding, saying ?We’re going to see how things play out. I want to see everything honest.”

Who ever wins the election will succeed President Barack Obama, who made a historical presidential debut when he twice won the US presidential race and gained office for two consecutive 4-year terms.

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