Taylor Swift Madly In Love With Tom Hiddleston? She’s Writing Songs About Him

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It?s not really new that Taylor Swift has a new romantic interest. It?s like the trend with her. But this new thing with Tom Hiddleston could be somewhat different as thought by many. Taylor Swift is madly in love with Hiddleston; in love to a point where she writes songs about it.

According to an exclusive report from Hollywood Life, an inside source said that Hiddleston makes Taylor Swift feel completely free. He makes her feel confident in her own skin and truly values her feelings and her opinions. The insider added that Taylor Swift is on ?cloud 9?.

This seemingly inspires Taylor Swift to make music with the new found confidence she gets from Hiddleston. As pointed out by the same report of Beth Shilliday, this could potentially make Taylor Swift?s follow up to 1989 be the greatest of works yet.

In an earlier report, the couple looks like they are growing closer and closer to each other. Hiddleston also met people that mattered in Taylor Swift?s life like her close friend Holly Williams. They had dinner at Epice in Nashville. They have also been spotted together at Selena Gomez?s concert in Nashville. Gomez is another close friend of Taylor Swift.

Even though this relationship is quite new, the couple seem to take it to different levels fast. It looks serious. They have been spotted in the last few weeks with much PDA. They have also been doing this across two continents already. They met each other?s families and even had a romantic trip to Rome.

The insider revealed that Taylor Swift never felt this way with anyone before. As the way things are going now, this relationship looks to be quite beneficial for both of them. This, as pointed out by Shilliday, would easily trump Taylor Swift?s earlier relationship with Calvin Harris.

Would this romance last for good? Or long enough? We will soon know.

Stay tuned for more Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston updates.

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