Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris Drama Over Song ‘This Is What You Came For’; Listen To The Hit Track

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After weeks of silence, ex-lovers Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift are back at it again, going up against each other as Swift claims that the hit song This Is What You Came For, performed by the DJ and singer Rihanna, was her creation. An issue that Harris did not take really well.

It can be recalled that the track, which Swift is claiming that she wrote, stayed on top of the charts all summer. The statement of the pop star was even supported by her representative telling People, ?Taylor Swift wrote ?This Is What You Came For? under the pseudonym Nils Sjoberg.?

And, Harris is addressing the issue personally. He even took it to Twitter to express his feelings towards the claim of Swift. At first, he complimented the pop star, calling her an ?amazing lyric writer? and saying his ex ?smashed it as usual.?

However, Harris then wrote, ?I wrote the music, produced the song, arranged it and cut the vocals though. And initially she wanted it kept secret, hence the pseudonym.? He added, ?Hurtful to me at this point that her and her team would go so far out of their way to try and make ME look bad at this stage though.?

Fans were certainly shocked after reading these tweets, but what they did not know is that Calvin Harris was about to drop a huge bomb on Taylor Swift?s head. Although it sounded like a bitter ex-boyfriend, it still made noise around the web.

?I figure if you?re happy in your new relationship you should focus on that instead of trying to tear your ex bf down for something to do,? the DJ wrote talking about Swift?s new love interest, actor Tom Hiddleston. ?I know you?re off tour and you need someone new to try and bury like Katy ETC but I?m not that guy, sorry. I won?t allow it,? he added.

Harris concluded his Twitter rants with a bit of an advice to Swift, telling her to just focus on the positive aspects of her life because she has ?earned a great one.? Meanwhile, aside from Swift?s representative releasing a statement, the pop star has not spoken yet about the issue.

If until this very moment you are still wondering what song we are talking about that caused this war between Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, here, watch the official music video of ?This Is What You Came For.?

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOkQ4T5WO9E]

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