Taylor Swift – Calvin Harris Beef: Celebs Taking Sides, Twitter Shows Who They Support

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Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris? beef could be getting worse as celebrities have seemingly started to take sides.

The two began dating in 2015 and constantly flaunted their romance on social media and public events. The couple eventually ended their relationship ended last May, but insisted that they were in good terms. Now, the supposed ?mutual respect? that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris had after their split is being questioned as they face cheating allegations and controversies over their collaborations.

The 32-year-old DJ had a lot to say after Taylor Swift reportedly got hurt that she was not acknowledged as the real writer of his summer hit ?This Is What You Came For.? The musician-producer pointed out that his infamous ex-girlfriend was actually the one who wanted to keep her involvement a secret and even chose to use a Swedish pseudonym: Nils Sj?berg.

Calvin Harris then shocked the world when he went on a Twitter rant earlier this week, revealing that Taylor Swift was just ?off tour and needs someone new to try and bury, like Katy.?



He then said that he will ?not allow it? to happen to him, and advised the country sweetheart turned pop diva to just focus on her new relationship instead of notoriously slamming her exes.


Now, celebrities seem to be weighing in on the Calvin Harris ? Taylor Swift beef.

Fellow pop star Demi Lovato seemingly showed that she is ?Team Calvin? after her Twitter followers noticed the Scottish artist?s name in her Recently Followed list.


Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift

The former Disney talent was accused of hating on Taylor Swift earlier this year because of her hefty financial aid in Kesha?s rape case, so the move is not a big surprise to many.

Grammy Award winning record producer Zedd also seemingly showed his quiet support for Calvin Harris According to Us Weekly, the ?Clarity? creator liked three of his fellow DJ?s tweets that slammed Taylor Swift.



Pop superstar Katy Perry also has several cryptic tweets after Calvin Harris mentioned her in his Twitter rant. One was a GIF of Hilary Clinton making exasperated expressions before breaking into a sly smile, while another was a retweet of her controversial 2015 post after Taylor Swift released her alleged Katy Perry diss song, ?Bad Blood.?

There are even speculations that she and Calvin Harris could team up for a song to taunt Taylor Swift.

While everyone seems to be hating on Taylor Swift, someone from her popular ?squad? has spoken up.

While at Pepsi?s recent World Emoji Day event, Victoria?s Secret hottie Martha Hunt seemingly defended her friend. The model praised the singer over her controversial new relationship with Tom Hiddleston, even though there are rumors that they hooked up prior to her break-up with Calvin Harris.

“I’m all about people being happy in love,” Martha Hunt said.

Happy 4th from us ??

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Whose side are you on in Taylor Swift ? Calvin Harris? drama? Let us know in your comments below!

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