Taylor Swift Brisbane Concert to be an Epic just like her Sydney Concert, Most Unforgettable Moments Here

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Taylor Swift’s larger than life presence mesmerized a mob of 76,000 with her stunning performance in Sydney. As Taylor Swift‘s 1989 World Tour at Sydney’s ANZ stadium kicked off, she bedazzled an audience of 76,000 fans with her breathtaking performance. Her Brisbane concert to be held on December 5 has high hopes from her fans worldwide. Will the concert be an epic like the one in Sydney? Time will only tell.

It looked like nothing was missed in Swift’s Sydney show. It can certainly be said as one of her most spectacular stadium shows until now.

Needless to say, by displaying her emotions for the big screens through almost all the cameras, she just knew how to make use of them by winking, smiling and hair flicking, reported the dailytelegraph.com

With Swift’s spontaneous gestures, the young girls who make up the majority of her fan following were seen lapping up nearly all of her moments.Most of the audience was seen wearing glowing wristbands pulsing to the music with blinking homemade signs and glow sticks.

She started the show with a crash-bang-sequel dancing nearly to the edge of the runway with quick and seamless outfit change.

All that you expect from the high-end pop show was seen here, including the remarkable use of massed backing vocals making her show outstanding.

There were also some steals from films old (Singin’ InThe Rain) and oldish (Tron).

Everything was present – Beyonce’s dramatics and Bon Jovi’s shamelessness, Janet Jackson’s choreography and Kylie’s muscle boys,? Madonna’s controlled sexiness and U2’s technology, Metallica’s rolling thunder and the Rolling Stones’ savvy and much more.

Undoubtedly, this was one of the most spectacular stadium shows where nothing seemed missing as per smh.com.au. One of the?reasons that she connected so wildly and widely around the world was she sang in the key of the audience. Junior Oprah Taylor was another of her trademarks that was well-exercised during the show.

Her motivational between song banter and positive affirmations seeked to arm her fans against the world?s bullies and cynics according to dailytelegraph.com.au. This was certainly one of Swift’s best and very well executed shows.

It was proved after seeing the smiles of all those pretty little girls who had the night of their young lives.

Taylor Swift plays Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane, December 5; Adelaide Entertainment Centre, December 8; AAMI Park, Melbourne, December 10, 11 and 12

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