Tales of Zestiria Review Compilation: Games Gets Mostly Thumbs-up!

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The anticipated JRPG from Bandai Namco has arrived, but will you play it?

Tales of Zestiria is the first Tales of game to become available for the PlayStation 4 and the sixth game for the PlayStation 3 (if you also count the import-only Tales of Vesperia). Promising a much engaging combat system and open world interaction, some of the fans might be overwhelmed on the new approach. But is the game really that good compared to its predecessors? We compiled some of the game reviews from popular gaming websites and see if Tales of Zestiria is really worth your money and effort.

IGN 7.8 out of 10

Tales of Zestiria doesn?t deviate too far from its competent predecessors, but it?s not a carbon copy, either. It may have linear dungeons and a less-than-stellar story, but it?s open-world exploration, enjoyable customization, and flashy new Armitization feature are enough for it to stand on its own.


Push Square 8 out of 10

Tales of Zestiria is an admirable addition to the legacy of the franchise, boasting a brilliant battle system and a very endearing cast of characters. While it does falter with a few of its fresh ideas, such as its somewhat sparse open areas and its overly complex skill management, it’s not enough to detract too heavily from what is otherwise a grand adventure in an intriguing fantasy world. Get through the typically humdrum opening hours and you’ll find an addictive RPG with a tale well worth telling.


PlayStation Lifestyle 8 out of 10

Tales of Zestiria completes the trifecta of great JRPGs on PS4 this month. Fans of the Tales universe and newcomers alike will love the fifteenth entry?s complex, varied customization options, revamped combat system and lovable cast. The graphics are primitive and the localization is sometimes a little shaky, but this is a thoroughly enjoyable quest with a ton of energy and heart. If you?re already embedded in one of the other great role-playing experiences on Sony?s platform, Sorey?s adventure is worth looking at as a follow-up. If you?re not, this is a great place to start adventuring this fall.

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