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Tales of Link Update: Sword Art Online Crosssover Special Contracts, New Characters, And More!

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Crossover between games seem to be a thing nowadays. Well, we could not blame them since it adds to the plus factor of the games and it brings in more revenue to the franchise. One game after another are now having special events that commemorate these crossovers. Due to insistent public demand, the newest member to join the bandwagon is Tales of Link.

The team from Bandai Namco has announced that they will be teaming up with the makers of Sword Art Online. They are making a crossover event that will be enjoyed by the players on the next Tales of Link update. With this team-up, the mobile game can expect more players and fans.

Sword Art Online Crossover

Due to its global success, Sword Art Online has the right to flaunt the reputation it has. It is an anime that has dived into the world of virtual reality gaming. Due to a ?malfunction? of the game system, the characters are left trapped in the virtual world and must beat the entire game in order to get back to their real world.

The Tales of Link update is fortunate to have Sword Art Online aboard their ship. Now players can work hard to obtain limited edition items and characters from the famous anime franchise.

Special Contracts

In order to collect these special contracts, these are the steps to follow:

For the Daily Contracts:

  • SAO Crossover 1 (reward: 10,000 LP)-Clear any stage of “SP. Clash! VS Asuna” once.
  • SAO Crossover 2 (reward: 5-Slash R Sphere, 5-Thrust R Sphere and 5 Defense R Sphere)-?Clear any stage of “SP. Clash! VS Asuna” three times
  • SAO Crossover 9- (reward: 15-Lavander, 15-Rosemary and 15-Sage)-Clear “Extra Stage” in “New Aincrad Offensive EX”.

For the one-time only Contracts:

  • SAO Crossover 3 (reward: 30,000 LP)-Clear and five stages.
  • SAO Crossover 4 (reward: 5-Lavander, 5-Rosemary, 5-Sage)-Clear any fifteen stages.
  • SAO Crossover 5 (reward: 3-Hero Stone)-Clear any fifty stages
  • SAO Crossover 6 (reward: 15-Lavander, 15-Rosemary and 15-Sage)-Clear any one hundred stages.
  • SAO Crossover 7 (reward: 5-Hero Stone)-Clear any 150 stages.
  • SAO Crossover 8 (reward: five star Asuna)-Clear any 200 stages.

For the complete details of this event, you can view it here.

Event Details

The said event for the next Tales of Link update has already begun and will run until November 21st. During this said time frame, players in Tales of Link can take part in the special quests to obtain unique items which includes Super Rare (SR) gear as well as obtain characters from the hit series Sword Art Online.

To add more excitement to the package, players can also battle against the Sword Art Online character Asuna (?Flash of Light?) from the Sword Art Online franchise. Players from Tales of Link can also participate in new quests featuring the floating castle from Sword Art Online called ?Aincard Offensive.?

There is also a daily log-in bonus for the players in the Tales of Link update.?So players, make sure you log in daily to your mobile game.

Tales of Link is a free to play role playing mobile game. These include tactical battles that you need to overcome. Now, with these new additions, playing the game will be even more interesting and exciting.

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