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Takeaways from Apple’s “Spring Forward”: A thinner MacBook, a Golden Watch

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Yesterday was a big day for Apple and understandably so.

Apple?s ?Spring Forward? event has happened, and it?s brought with it a whole new bevvy of products people will watch out for. In particular, some of the new products were ones that were leaked over the past few days, and weren?t as surprising as people thought they would be. Those products were the Golden Watch and the MacBook Air with the Retina display.

Here?s two articles that shows just how much the event highlighted their two products. As per Wall Street Journal (blog), while the event did highlight how the Apple Watch has arrived, it also shed some light on the once-rumored Apple MacBook Air with the Retina display and the uber-thin design. Also, we take a look at this article from Digit, which shines more light on the features of the Apple Watch and the MacBook Air Retina.

Arrival of the MacBook Air Retina and the Apple Watch

Monday was one of glitz and glamour for Apple, which signaled the arrival of the Watch as well as their MacBook Air Retina variation.

Like the reports said it was, the Apple Watch is every bit a stunner. To say the least of the Apple Watch Edition?a gold-encrusted beauty of a watch, glistening with every dollar heaped on it. The watch sells for a whopping $10,000, as per Digit. As per Wall Street Journal, the MacBook Air Retina is the other darling of the show, all 12-inches of it and only weighing as much as 2 pounds. Pretty light, if you?d ask me.

If you?re wondering whether the Apple Watch Edition is going to sell, I have a little doubt that it?s going to. From the price of the thing, it looks like it?ll be lucky if it sells like hotcakes, although you do have to factor in that it?s from Apple.

Form Factor Features

Now that we?ve seen what the Apple Watch and MacBook Air Retina looks like, here?s what it can do.

As per Digit, the Apple Watch has a lot of new features, but most notable is the built-in speaker which lets you talk directly to the person who called you. It brings up shades of secret agent movies, and I can?t help but think the design might have been inspired in part by these movies. The MacBook Air Retina, however, has the Retina screen as its most notable feature. How will it compare to the other HD-enabled laptops out there?

There isn?t anything that says that Apple?s products will be left behind in the dust since they?re new. However, we?re going to wait and see how it goes as it releases into the market.

Apple?s Big Monday

Apple?s Monday appears to have gone well, thanks to the loyal Apple fans that trooped to the event, as well as the products that they?ve shown to the public. The Apple Watch and the MacBook Air are both pieces of what Apple has always done?excellence. Nothing less is expected of Apple, and they delivered during Monday?s event.


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