Take your sleeping mattress to a whole new level using this side-sleeping-centered cushion.

Now you can say goodbye to acid reflux and enjoy a better night of sleep

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One of the problems side-sleepers encounter on a plane sleeping surface lies in their stomachs and upper body extremities. Some experience acid reflux and others put too much stress on one side of their body. However, things should not be like that when you have the best sleeping buddy.



Have you found the best side-sleeping partner yet? Try Side Sleeping Wedge and experience your most comfortable nights ever.

What is Side Sleeping Wedge?

Back Support Systems offers a wide array of sleeping products. They make every customer satisfied with the uniqueness and comfort of their items. More specifically, this product focuses on its capacity to support your upper body when sleeping.


What does it do?

The Side-sleeping Wedge pillow from Back Support Systems comes with optimum support not only to your back but to your legs as well. This inclined foam elevates your body at a smooth angle, unlike piling up your pillows to raise your back. What’s more about this product, it provides critical comfort even to those rehabilitating from routine surgeries.

What benefits can you get from using Side Sleeping Wedge?


  • Reduced acid reflux

  • A better night of sleep

  • Neck and spine alignment

  • Reduced snoring

What material composition do we have here?

Memory foam is one the most sought-after mattresses today, which is present in this brand. It may be dense and heavy, but it’s actually more breathable compared to other sleeping cushions.