Take your sleep to a whole new level with this adjustable and remote-powered bed foundation

It’s compatible with any mattress and can perfectly work with any of your foams

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Sometimes, it’s not enough that you turn on either side of the bed to be comfortable and bring yourself to sleep. Moreover, doing this might only keep you sleepless all night, which will only make you cranky in the morning. 

But since you are here, let me introduce one product to make your nights more restful. Meet Deluxe Adjustable Foundation, your all-flexible sleeping partner!

What is Deluxe Adjustable Foundation?
Diamond Mattress’ Deluxe Adjustable Foundation is not just your ordinary bed. It won’t keep you laid flat on your mattress as it comes with various memory positions customized to your desired level of comfort. This premium base also features several massage modes to give you not only a restful but a rejuvenating sleep as well.

How does it work?

What makes this bed frame a cut above others is it doesn’t require too much work to customize. Start with its assembly, which only takes a few minutes. And by then, all you need is a remote which contains all the functions to make use of your bed.

What memory positions does it have?

  • Zero gravity
  • Lounge
  • Anti-snore
  • One-touch flat

Does it work with any foam?

Absolutely! Deluxe comes with a non-slip mattress guard, which keeps any foam in place. With that, you won’t have to worry about what mattress to use because even your old ones can still do wonders.