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Take your favorite camping kitchenware with you and bring it back home clean with the help of this portable wash area

It comes with two types of water reservoirs to make water usage more efficient

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Picnics are always a great idea. People of all ages love to hit some nature parks or go for RV trips. Part of each adventure is a good food menu which entails using some kitchen tools to make eating more convenient. However, out of tiredness, no one likes to bring dirty dishes back home.

Let me share with you the perfect solution to that. Meet Tidobit Portable Sink, your new partner in outdoor activities.

What is Tidobit Portable Sink?

You might wonder how the Tidobit Portable Sink works or whether it’ll actually work. Not a lot have tried using this innovation. But surely, it did help many adventure-goers since then. This sink comes with fixtures you can find inside your kitchen’s wash area. Only that it’s like a compact tub-and-faucet combo brought to your outdoor trips.

Why should I avail of this portable sink?

One of the purposes of this innovation is to assist you in keeping your kitchenware clean even before getting back home. It will also help you sanitize with water and soap that are both accessible in the sink set. Plus, this portable wash area even works on business sites and boating adventures. So, it’s like an overall solution to cleanliness issues wherever you are.

What’s in the sink package?

  • Steel water faucet
  • Drain system
  • Soap dispenser
  • Foot pump
  • Carry handle
  • Moving wheels

Where do I get water?

This product ensures you have enough water to finish all your washing needs. It comes with a 30L primary water tank and another 24L recovery tank to service more users before finally draining the reservoirs. Thus, you can be sure you get things clean before consuming all the water in the tanks.

So if you’re someone who’s constantly on the go and love enjoying the great outdoors, this portable sink is definitely a must-have!