Take-Two Promises More Upcoming Franchise Other than GTA

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Take-Two claims to satisfy our gaming needs by offering more franchises other than Grand Theft Auto. This was discussed during a business summit held just this week. The president of the famous company, Karl Slatoff, was asked to answer some questions regarding the console compared to what it was previously.

The company president said in a statement that they will be likely to please investors to an extent. He said that Take-Two offers more franchises than we are actually expecting, in fact, it is much larger. Slatoff said that they offer several game brands than we can handle at this point.

In a Piper Jaffray event held just this week, Slatoff said that they have better IP at the moment compared to the previous years. The company is obviously stable at this point due to the recent success of their flagship games. Not only that, they also make an effort to generating more IP, making sure their current situation is a whole lot better compared to when the Xbox 360 and PS3 were just barely launched.

Grand Theft Auto pushed Take-Two to the top. Grand Theft Auto was so successful that gamers felt that the company can offer more than the game. A few years ago, Take-Two launched Grand Theft Auto V, which was a big hit, selling more than 60 million copies and selling even more as the years went by. It has continued its dominance over the years. The company also has other great offerings such as WWE 2K, NBA 2K, the Borderlands series, Red Dead Redemption, Evolve, Civilization, BioShock, XCOM and the infamous Max Payne. These games along with some minor ones were so good fans are demanding more!

The company has since then worked hard to utilize their developers and are getting more. They have now doubled the number of developers since the mid-200s. Their development staff started at around a thousand, and now they have more than 2000 people working under them. The numbers don?t even include the independent 3rd party studios such as Gearbox. They have now the capacity to create more products gamers will love.

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