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Take restful sleep wherever you want with the help of this inflatable puncture-resistant bed

You can even find a power source in your car or home and wait until it’s ready

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Sometimes, what stops us from going on adventures is the possibility of not getting enough rest. Even when staying at home, there’ll be days you won’t like your bed, no matter how thick the mattress is. If you happen to experience at least one of these issues, it’s about time we change your mindset. Here’s something your sleepy heads and bodies will love forever.

Are you not getting it soon? Meet Avenco Air Mattress, the lightest bed you’ll ever have!

What is Avenco Air Mattress?
Others may not be familiar with air mattresses, but Avenco made sure your first attempt to have one will be worth it. This air-fueled foam is one tool you should never forget when going on camping and other outdoor trips. All you need to do is fill it with air until it reaches its optimum shape, and then you’re ready for a night of deep sleep.

Is this reliable as usual bed mattresses?
Air mattresses have lesser durability than your casual foams. But to make up for this downside, Avenco comes with a 0.45mm extra-thick puncture-resistant body to help protect it from sharp objects. It also uses a wave-beam technology that supports your spine by preventing excessive deformation and keeping you from sinking on it.

What other benefits does it have?
  • High weight capacity
  • Velvet-like waterproof sleeping surface
  • Power adapters readily available in the package
  • Ideal for sharing with dimensions 80″ x 60″

How long does it take to fill?
We know how tiring it is to pump some air every time. So, Avenco installed a 1-click built-in pump to help you fill the mattress conveniently. As long as you have an available power source, like your house or car, inflation will only consume an average of 4 minutes.

$64.99 $119.99

Get it here!