Take Laptop Calls To The Next Level, An Effective Way To Make Phone Calls Straight From Google Search

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It would be really nice if we can set an appointment with our doctor or do a reservation to our favorite restaurant without picking up a phone.

Thanks to Google! Now, you can make a phone call just by using Google Search.

Though it is possible to make phone calls via laptop, the offer of Google for calling businesses in just a click ?is far more convenient and easier to do.

This are the step by step instructions to Make Phone Calls from Google Search

You don?t really need to download complicated software to use its in-browser call feature; however, for you to take advantage of it, you?ll need to have a Google+ account. Chances are you already have one that you used in YouTube or Google Docs. In case you are not aware, you can?t even make a comment now on Youtube without a Google+ account.

Calls are being made in Google+ Hangouts. If you are not familiar with Hangouts, this is a messaging app that lets you send and receive photos, videos and messages. This app can also make free one-on-one call or group calls to anyone who?s in your Gmail inbox, contacts and circles. And now, even in Google searches.

to a Google Account

If you plan to make a phone call using Google searches, make sure that you are signed in to a Google account. This type of call is only possible if you are signed into your Google account. Please be mindful that this wouldn?t work in INCOGNITO.

Laptop Should Be Hangouts-Ready

If in case you haven’t used Google Hangouts before, this messaging app is just easy to prepare and ?install. But you need ?to check Google’s system prerequisites first to guarantee that you’re using a supported browser, then install the Hangouts plugin. If you are not able to install the plugin, you will be prompted to install it once you’ll make a call. This is how it looks like:


How To Dial From Google Search

Just search for a local store or a restaurant and on the results page, the business information will pop up just at the right-side box of the screen. Simply click on the blue hyperlinked number:


As soon as you click on the hyperlinked number, this will appear:


Then the Hangouts window will appear and confirm if you want to place a call. You would also see if the call is for free.

There’s a corresponding charge if you are planning to call a number outside the U.S. or Canada.


Once you click “call” button, your laptop will start dialing that number.


Remember that each call you make through Google Search will appear as “Unknown” on their caller id’s. You’ll need to get a Google Voice Account in case you want your number to appear on their caller id’s

Image Source: Screenshot from Google+ Hangouts

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