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Take aromatherapy and relaxation up a notch with this smart diffuser

This one of a kind diffuser would be a perfect addition to make every space in your home smell great and relaxing

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Products that promote wellness and self-care have been increasing in popularity and it isn’t hard to understand why. And if you’re like many people out there who’s obsessed and have been turning to essential oils for relaxation, a diffuser will come in handy.

However, not all diffusers are created the same and if you want one that will do the job and exceed your expectations, this Aera Smart Diffuser will be an excellent choice.
Aera Smart Diffuser is not like the ordinary diffusers out there in the market. This one’s something that does more than just make your space fragrant. Because it’s a smart device, it makes operating it easy and convenient for you!

Aera Smart Diffuser can be controlled with your phone using an app. With the app, you can create schedules and adjust the settings according to the size of the room. The diffuser also uses hypoallergenic scent technology, safe for your family & pets, and produces a no-fade, long-lasting fragrance!

How does it work?
This smart diffuser works by dispensing fragrance as ultra-tiny scent molecules which fill a space with even, livable fragrance. It ensures that the fragrance does not only stay in hotspots but that it is evenly distributed all around the room. It is very simple to use but high-tech enough to make it convenient.

Highlighted features:

  • Adjustable scent strength
  • Microdroplet Technology
  • No-fade fragrance
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Session function
  • Control with wifi
  • Schedule play times
  • Monitor fragrance life
  • Compatible with Alexa
Your wellness is something that shouldn’t be compromised and if you need a device that can take your relaxation and aromatherapy to the next level without concerns about safety and allergies, this diffuser should be enough to make your nose and your entire body totally happy!

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