The absolute packing list for women who love to travel

Choosing what to pack is always the most challenging part of every travel preparation, especially for women whose skincare routine and fashion instincts always lead to overpacking! We always have a hard time figuring out what we need to take when almost all of our things are important for us to have. 

But no matter how frequent you travel or how experienced you are in packing, there are things that we always tend to forget if we do not prepare ahead of time.

To save you time and give you peace of mind, we prepared the ultimate packing list and a few tips to travel planning for women! From skin care products to the travel shoes that complement any dress, here are some of the most important to carry on your trips.

Items you should include in your travel bag

  • Safety alarm – You never know what will happen in case of an emergency. You can attract attention and ask for help with this device.
  • Personal tumbler – It’s convenient to have your beverage in a bottle that can hold the temperature whether hot or cold.
  • Sewing Kit – These items are small and will not take up too much space. There might be an emergency where you need a safety pin for your dress or anything you need to keep intact.
  • First Aid Kit – For women, this might include medicines for cramps or items needed for their unexpected monthly period.

Few packing tips for female travelers

No matter how long a trip will be, packing light is the key. Here are a few tips on how you can pack light despite the many things you have.

  1. Using backpacks is always the best choice. Suitcases are spacy, sturdy, but inconvenient to bring when you go one place after another. While backpacks are convenient to carry and won’t hinder you to walk around the city.
  2. Put all your necessary items in a carry-on bag. Women have many things they need to take out every moment aside from our phones and wallet. Like sunscreen or lip balm, these things look not essential, but for the ladies, it is.
  3. Pack according to the trip. If you are going on a hike, take only the clothes appropriate for hiking. Bringing unnecessary dresses and high heels will only add weight to your baggage.
  4. Pack everything in pouches. Separating your toiletries will save your other things from getting damage when leakage happens. It is also easier to find them when they are packed separately.


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