Saving money is not impossible, even if you think you don’t have enough or under a pile of debt. But the question is, how do you start?

How do you save more money when you are making minimum wage? How can you reach your financial goals on a low income? Saving money does not have to be difficult. Anyone can accomplish it with proper planning and discipline. Instead of putting it off until you reach certain milestones like a salary raise, make saving a priority every day to secure your financial future. 

But if your salary at the moment is not enough to cover bills and expenses, consider expanding your income by starting a side hustle to earn extra. You don’t need to tire yourself, and you can do this in your spare time and at home. Here are a few ways and things that will help you double your income and save money for the future.

Little can go a long way

Even with a minimum wage, you can still save little by little, or you can even make your money work for you, and here are a few on how:

  1. Open a high-yield savings account. A typical savings account offers an interest rate of around 0.01%, and a checking account is a digital equivalent of putting your money under the mattress. However, high-yield checking and saving offer interest rates that exceed 1% — 100 times what you’d get otherwise.
  2. Build a passive income stream. This method requires an investment up front, whether, of your time or money, it can lead to huge payoffs later. Investments or silent partnerships in businesses are the most common forms of growing your money. It can also be anything from making YouTube videos to using affiliate marketing on your blog. 

Choose credit cards with rewards you can use. If you have to choose a card with rewards appropriate for your lifestyle, you can save on every dollar you spend.

Change your mindset

Budget is the most important part of planning to save. You’re liable to slide back into bad money habits if you don’t change your day-to-day spending philosophy. These money-saving tips can help you replace negative spending behaviors with positive ones.

  • Don’t play the comparison game. Stop keeping up with anyone else. Let your budget alone guide your spending and saving habits.
  • Try to curb emotional spending. Avoid the temptation to buy yourself a treat when you’re upset. When these feelings arise, redirect them toward other positive behaviors that don’t require spending money, such as calling a friend or exercising.
  • Delay gratification. When you have the urge to buy impulsively, evaluate whether you need or only want the item. If you determine that you need it, wait for one day before buying it to see whether the item in question still appeals to you.
  • Don’t buy according to trends. Instead, get what is meaningful to you rather than the highest-priced fad item; you’ll be more discerning about your spending, which can save you more money every day.

If you need help to beef up your portfolio, browse through the kinds of money-saving products below and see what fits your budget so you can start your journey towards financial wellness.


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  • 1

    This investment asset surged during three major recessions

    Here’s why you should invest in gold.

    Vaulted lets you buy and sell gold with ease.

    • Buy 99.99 percent pure and insured kilo gold bars manufactured and stored at the Royal Canadian Mint
    • This insured gold is protected from misplacements, theft, and losses
    • It is stored in heavily-protected vaults where the holdings are quarterly verified
  • 2

    Have you always wanted to be an effective, profitable stock trader? Let Artificial Intelligence do the job for you

    This AI stock trading system can find the highest probability trades and turn you into an expert!

    • AI stock trading system aims to help struggling traders and turn them into a potential powerhouse by providing you information on what's working and what's not
    • Over 2.5 million stocks of the company's members have been analyzed
    • Uses a Market Trajectory Indicator as well as Momentum Indicators to ensure the next best step for your portfolio without the need for human intervention
  • 3

    Invest in farmland and increase your passive income with ease with FarmTogether

    With this all in one investment platform, you can won’t have to worry about your stability as an investor

    • FarmTogether is the best platform for investors who are interested in directly investing in farmland real estate and at the same time, do not mind investing in illiquid assets
    • This app has an impressive track record of minimal losses and promising, strong returns
    • FarmTogether's fees are relatively lower compared to the average fees in the industry
  • 4

    Avoid unnecessary heavy losses and make a smart investment at the “right” time with TimingCube

    With this tool, you can easily avoid market’s major downturns and protect yourself from a bad financial move

    • Investing in stock market can be a risky move but with the help of TimingCube, you get to receive signals provided prior to the trading day, giving you time to plan and execute.
    • This app uses an algorithm that helps both beginners and seasoned stock market trader by timing your entry and exit point.
    • TimingCube uses Turbo Mode (frequency trading) which boasts 70% of signals being profitable.
  • 5

    Get a deeper insight of companies’ performances and increase your chances of investment success with Topgraph

    Unlike other tools, Topgraph provides relevant company data to help you succeed as an investor

    • Investing in a stock market can be a tricky decision to make but having adequate knowledge about how a company stands and performs is key to making the right investment decisions - this is exactly what Topgraph can do for you.
    • Besides providing valuable information about a company, all the data and research output you need are organized into easily understandable graphs so you will know how a company stands from a glance.
    • Topgraph has already evaluated over 150,000 listed companies and carried out thorough financial and market research.
  • 6

    Stay on top of market trends and find the perfect real estate investment opportunities for you with Crowdstreet

    With this online tool, you have unlimited access to lucrative investment opportunities and real estate projects nationwide

    • Crowdstreet offers an extensive range of real estate investing opportunities for investors by pairing them with project developers and in fact has closed more than 450 deals since it started
    • If you are an investor, the company will charge you with NO fee at all!
    • The website is very easy to use as it leverages superb technology and smart programming
  • 7
    Personal Loans

    Get the funding you need fast at competitive rates and under the most flexible terms with Personal Loans

    With Personal Loans, you can avail of the service and get connected to a lender free of charge!

    • Personal Loans is an online lending platform that offers a fast solution to your financial needs by allowing you to select the best loan offer for your financial profile and needs
    • It offers a maximum loan amount of $100,000 which is higher than most personal loan lenders
    • The site is simple to use. All it needs you to do is to fill out your information and then it displays all the banks and the lenders that can work with you.
  • 8

    Investing in Bitcoin with your IRA or 401k? This crypto platform lets you do it 24/7

    With this 24/7 platform, you can buy and sell crypto anywhere and anytime you please!

    • BitcoinIRA is a 24/7 crypto platform that serves users who want and need to buy and sell crypto anytime so that they can stay on top of their investment or take market actions whenever necessary
    • Because you are investing with your IRA, this should also mean that you can make these investments tax-free!
    • With this platform comes along other exciting features that can come in handy including live price tracking, education, and more!
  • 9

    Got a bad credit score? You can still get all the funds you need at the tips of your fingers with Bad Credit Loans

    Whether you need funds for your home, car or any project, this site will connect you to a lender that can help you regardless of your credit standing

    • Bad Credit Loans isn't a lending company. Rather it's a platform that can help you in situations when you can't get funding because of your bad credit score
    • This platform also guarantees fast approval process and quick reputable lender matches
    • Using their services doesn't come with fees or obligations and you can apply for loans up to $10,000
  • 10
    Credit Karma

    Search for unclaimed money or check credit scores for free with Credit Karma

    This tool aims to make finances easy for everyone so you can turn your financial dreams a reality

    • Credit Karma is your go-to spot for when you're looking for a wide range of financial products that will fit your lifestyle such as loans, cards, savings, and others - all while navigating your way towards progress and financial freedom.
    • It's a helpful tool you never thought you needed as it offers assistance to help you reach your goals by starting with providing you with your credit scores for FREE so you can keep an eye on your credit standing.
    • Whether it's savings, loans, or rewards, Credit Karma personalizes its offer according to your financial needs.
  • 11

    Earn cash rewards when you shop from the brands you love with Drop

    Shopping has never been so much better with this app!

    • Whether you're ordering food, shopping from your favorite clothing line or booking a plane ride, you can use the Drop app to do all these fun stuff.
    • Drop offers a new way for users like you to enjoy rewards and make shopping feel even more "rewarding"!
    • You can earn points automatically and effortlessly and even get the chance to redeem these points so you can use them as cash!
  • 12

    Whether you’re looking for a new career to build or a side gig, Steady brings the earning opportunities you need for a financially stable future

    This tool provides vast alternatives for job openings and multiple other ways to earn to help boost your income

    • Steady is a platform that can help you earn more by connecting you with jobs and an extensive range of earning opportunities right at the tips of your fingers
    • It allows you to earn from job listings, app recommendations, grants and sign up bonuses
    • By using this app, you can earn as much as $5,500 per year or even more!
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