The pandemic forced us to spend less time outside our homes, and whether you believe it or not, this poses problems to relationships. It’s almost impossible to go on dates with plenty of restrictions imposed on different states. Restaurants are closed or they are just open in the morning when everyone’s busy at work or with families.

The good news is, romance isn’t dead. It will never die! Date nights are still possible, even at home. We can even top it up a notch and turn your ordinary date nights into a steamy, sexy bedtime with naughty ideas!

Is it worth it to go on a date when your time does not permit?

They say the best way to keep a relationship alive is to spend time with each other, no matter how hard it may seem. And what better way to spend time than to set one or two nights a week or a month to go on a date? You don’t even have to make reservations at the restaurant or plan a fancy surprise to spend with your partner. You’ll be amazed how one dinner or one night can keep your love fire burning. 

Below you’ll see a curation of fun, sexy, and even raunchy date night ideas to spice up your love life (and save your relationship from impending doom)! From board games to streaming platforms with sexy and romantic movies, you’ll find the most sensual activities fit for you and your partner’s kinky needs 😉

  • Sexy Games – Board games, love dice, or even a simple chocolate syrup can spice up your romantic nights. You can try the Peachwood Chocolate Tease Game and watch how your partner leads you immediately to your love bed! Don’t ever limit your imagination.
    • You can even use your vibrators and other sex toys to pleasure your partner.
  • Sexual Roleplay – Admit it or not, this is the most effective way to turn your ordinary date into a sexy time. Spend a night dressed as a nurse or pretend to be a celebrity that your partner has a crush. You’ll notice how the night goes from okay to great!
    • Even without roleplay, you can still turn him on with lingerie from Yandy!
  • Movie Nights – It may be simple, but nothing beats watching a good film when you want your partner to get in the mood for love.

Check out the items below for our recommendation of things that you could purchase/subscribe to pull off the sexiest date night your partner will never forget.

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