As much as we want our elders to be independent and live by themselves, it’s hard to commit. That’s why we hire caregivers to look out for them when we are not around.

But aside from wonderful caregivers, the market is filled with products that can help them stay safe, healthy, and protected even when you’re not around. Using products that employ the latest technology can improve the quality of life not just for both seniors and caregivers, but also for you.

From bathroom aids and medication management to kitchen gadgets and healthcare products, there are plenty of independent living products that can help folks go about their daily routine safely and conveniently. 

We’ve collated the top products that may improve the lives of the elderly. These are innovative products for the elderly to simplify chores, enhance safety, and provide entertainment.

Common accidents at an elderly’s home and how you can prevent them

Elders are prone to accidents when they are at home alone. Here are two of the most common accidents that could happen to them.

  • Falling or slips. Seniors try to do things on their own even when their mobility is gradually decreasing. Most accidents also happen when they are in the bathroom, where the floor is usually slippery.

Prevention tip: Install railings in the bathroom, staircase, and your rooms. Re-arrange your home and minimize the furniture and clutters.

  • Burns and food poisoning. The kitchen is one of the most dangerous places they could get injured. Even a small fire could lead to a big disaster. And also, food poisoning can happen when they forget or get confused with the expiry dates of their food. 

Prevention tip: Install a smoke detector, fire extinguisher, and anti-slip rugs in the kitchen. Shelf labeling is the easiest way to prevent getting food poisoning, so you can easily remember all your food’s shelf life. 

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