We always think of men as expensive. From a simple haircut down to their shoes, it seems that every perfect gift for men is a luxury and will cost us a fortune. But it is not supposed to be like that. I’ll let you in on a little secret: Presents for men should not be judged on any amount, because just like with anyone, it is the thought that counts. 

Whether you are tight on budget or do not have time to prepare, a well-thought gift is better than a luxurious one bought half-heartedly. But if you are on a tight budget and you still want to give men a token of appreciation, there are several gift items that you can easily purchase for just $50.

Finding gifts for men under $50 is an easy task as long as you know their personality. Here at thebitbag, we can help you look for the best gift for men that wouldn’t cost you more than $50. Check out the list below of items and see what you think fits your man the best.

Why do men want nothing for their special days?

Men are as straightforward as you think women are. When they say they want nothing, it means they want something — but you won’t figure that out easily. Why? Because we are too busy impressing them with grand gifts, a luxurious watch, a PS5, or a car! But sometimes, all they want is something that came from your heart, something that you thoughtfully prepared. Men, just like anyone else, are sentimental beings, but theybecause the way society perceives them usually hinders them to show it because they think it will make them less of a man. 

Before you swipe your cards, know these few pointers on how to choose a gift for men:

  1. Spending more is not loving more. Sure, luxurious presents are great. But don’t think that expensive gifts will measure one’s love or appreciation.
  2. Giving more reduces the value of each gift. How does giving every new release of shoes special? Spoiling men with luxurious items is different from giving gifts that meant something to you. If they knew you give them something that reminds you of them makes any type of gift special. Even back massages or tickets to the next NFL with their guy mates are both extraordinary as long as you make them feel special.
  3. Choose a sentimental gift. Buying clothes or accessories for men will be the easiest choice. But make sure when you buy these things, it will create an impact on the receiver. Think of how they will feel when they see it. Simple things are sometimes more appreciated.

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