Dogs at home can create real devastating furniture chaos because they are a natural chewer. Because like babies, they needed something to chew on because they have growing teeth. If you think their chewing and gnawing on your furniture will stop when they grow old, you are wrong.

Dogs still love to chew as they grow. Aside from their other senses, they use their mouths to explore, just like what we do with our hands. Until they learn the proper chewing behavior, it is unsafe to leave them alone at home. 

Why do you need dog toys to keep them busy?

Dog toys keep them entertained and occupied before they even get too energetic to wreck the house. Dogs are just as playful as kids, and they will always need things to keep them moving. Even if they’re trained or not, they will surely ask you to play with them, or they gnaw on chairs or pillows! So don’t feel like you’re wasting money or spoiling them when you buy them toys. Our fur babies need that.

What kind of dog toys should I give my dog?

You don’t need to buy every dog toys you see at Walmart. Define what entertains your dog and know its personality first before heading straight to the stores. Here are common dog toys that fur parents love to surprise their dogs with:

  • Interactive toys. Dogs sometimes get bored with just a toy that does not provoke their senses. So giving them these smart interactive toys will help them get busy like somebody is playing with them.
  • Rope toys. These toys give an activity of a tug and war. Some dogs love to entangle tied rope toys too.
  • Balls or disc. Play fetch is an activity they love because they have to run and catch things for you. 
  • Squeaky toys. Dogs love the squeaky noise that some toys make. Some said the squeaking sound mimics a dying animal. So they have an instinct to, maybe save or rescue the toy. 

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