It is not easy to choose and find the best VPN service to use. Even if a VPN receives reviews and awards, it does not mean you should settle for it. You should subscribe to a VPN service tailor-fit to your personal needs. But where should you ask for tips on how to choose the best VPN service? We created a list for you here in The Bitbag, and of course, we consulted the internet-savvy lurkers of Reddit!

With a massive community known for conversations and a culture of self-promotion, Reddit is a gold mine of information when researching products and services. Users share all sorts of reviews, questions, and experiences based on numerous topics, including finding the best VPN services.

Consulting the Reddit community is the best place to get the best and honest user reviews. Below you will see a rounded-up list of the best VPN services with the most votes from Reddit users.

VPN criteria by Redditors

The specs Reddit ‘experts’ care about in a VPN are easy to figure out and you will see these reasons pop up in countless subreddits. Here are the ones mentioned the most:

  • Streaming dependability is a given. Tons of people want a VPN solely to watch content from other countries, so a VPN’s ability to fake out geoblocks and get around a streaming site’s VPN blocks is crucial. The speed at which that content streams matters, too. A fast VPN should be able to upscale to HD without lag. 
  • Connection speed and location spoofing. These are dependent on the number of servers and where they are located. More servers mean fewer people, hogging a single server’s capacity, and various locations mean more streaming libraries. 

Reddit does not recommend using a free VPN.

Although free VPN charges you nothing, they are still making a profit from you by directing advertisements at your end and selling your personal and internet browsing data to different third-party organizations.

They also put limitations on your accounts, such as low bandwidth, fewer servers, and low network speed to make you pay for their premium services. These features make these free VPN providers pretty much useless, and that’s according to the Reddit community!

But hey, you don’t need to lose hope. There are premium VPN providers that can only cost you as low as only $2.49/mo and offer much better security, privacy, and performance than a free VPN.

Few benefits of Premium VPNs:

Free VPNs can never be better than premium VPNs. Here is why:

  1. Endless bandwidth and a broad network with servers in almost all of the major countries
  2. High-speed network speed with server load-balancing
  3. Zero-log policy for complete privacy and anonymity
  4. Compatible with all major operating systems and devices

With security, privacy, speed, unblocking, and optimized internet experience, here are some premium VPN providers that outclass any free VPN.

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