And no, not the accidental vegan chocolate kind. We’re talking about chocolates that intentionally remove any animal byproducts from the list. 

Vegan-friendly chocolate brands are popping up ever since more people are now aware of the benefits of this lifestyle. Now, it is easy to find healthy choco goodness to satiate your cravings without compromising your plant-based diet or your lifestyle. In short, you don’t need to go back to harming the animals just for your sweet tooth.

So whether you want to fill your sweet cravings or have healthy alternatives to your regular chocolates, here’s a compilation of the best vegan chocolates you can ever find. From small-scale chocolatiers to award-winning brands, we’re sure even non-vegans will enjoy these creamy sweet treats. You may not even feel or taste the difference!

Types of vegan chocolate:

There are two main types of vegan chocolate; dark chocolate and plant milk chocolate.

  • Dark chocolates. Some of these chocolates are called accidental vegan chocolates. Products that are vegan not by design and not marketed as suitable for vegans but contain NO animal ingredients. Cadbury Bournville Plain Chocolate, Lindt Excellence – 70%, 85%, and 90% Dark Chocolate, and Tesco Dark Chocolate Mint Thins are only a few of these accidental vegan chocolates on the market.
  • Plant milk chocolates. These chocolates are made with milk from plants like rice, coconut, or almond milk instead of cow’s milk for a rich, creamy taste. One perfect example of this chocolate is the newly developed KitKat V, vegan chocolate made with 100% cocoa and milk from a rice-based alternative.

Accidental Vegan Chocolates

If you think the market lacks options for vegans, there are accidental vegan chocolates from various brands, too! We also included them in the list. The more options you have, the better!

How to make sure your chocolate is vegan?

Most vegan chocolate will label themselves as vegan, but if you still want to check, the best way to make sure chocolate is vegan is to scan the ingredients. Vegan chocolates only have a few ingredients, so it is easy to identify. 

Look out for tricky ingredients like whey or casein, which are milk-derived. If you’re not sure if there is milk in chocolate, look at the bottom of the ingredients list at the “Allergen Information.” If it says it contains milk, then it is not vegan. 

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