Smoking for years makes it hard to quit. Because honestly, nothing is easy when it comes to breaking a habit. But fortunately, vapes are now a way for smokers to transition into a smoke-free world.

From electric cigarettes to non-nicotine vapes, there are plenty of alternatives you can use to quit smoking. All of these can help you veer away from carcinogenic cigarettes, and knowing the best vape that caters to your preference will be helpful in your transition. 

Vapes are not a one-size-fits-all device. What works for others may not work for you. That is why it is essential to know first the kind of vape or device that will help you replace traditional cigarettes without you despising the devices because they feel like the real thing. As a guide for your quest in finding cigar alternatives, here’s a list of all some of the best vapes that can help you quit smoking.

How does vape work?

According to LiveScience, E-cigarettes feature a replaceable inhaler cartridge containing vegetable glycerin or polyethylene glycol, extract, and nicotine. With every inhalation, a sensor triggers a vaporizer to heat a small amount of liquid flavoring. The liquid turns to vapor and is drawn into the user’s mouth. The vaping technology of e-cigarettes does not burn anything — but vaporized. The vapor does not contain the harmful compounds found in cigarettes or smoke from hookas.

Main categories of vape

There are many kinds of vape, but we will show you the three main types most people use.

  1. Nicotine vapes: Are handheld devices powered by lithium-ion batteries designed to mimic the sensation of smoking without combustion. Nicotine options are customizable from 0% up to 5%, with flavors ranging from tobacco to desserts to unflavored.
  2. Cannabis/CBD vapes: portable battery-powered or larger desktop devices powered by batteries or electrical power supplies that heat the material. These devices are infused with CBD, THC, or other botanicals, from dry herb to concentrates.
  3. Nicotine-free vapes: These are non-nicotine-based vapes. Vapes that only use purely flavored liquids but create the same sensation as a nicotine vape.

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