Making your very own cup of joe is not just about having to get that caffeine kick. The ritual is as important, too; the aroma, the gentle sound of coffee makers, and the calmness during the wait are all part of how coffee starts the day right.

But traveling does not mean you have to bring instant mixes and sacrifice a cup of a hot, barista-quality coffee. Even when you are at the campsite, there’s no better way to welcome the day than performing the ritual of making your morning pick me up.

Thankfully, companies have seen how urbanites demand a portable coffee maker to bring along their travels.

Whether you prefer a cup of espresso or coffee drips, there are portable options out there for every style of brew. We curated below the best travel coffee maker that suits your nomadic lifestyle and your budget. 

What should you consider in choosing the right travel coffee maker?

Not sure what kind of coffee do you want to make during your trips? Ask yourself these questions, and figure out what exactly is the best coffee maker for your travel.

  • What type of coffee do you prefer? Your coffee preference is the starting point of your search for the perfect portable coffee maker.
  • How much space are you willing to give your coffee maker? Weight and size are something to consider. If you’re looking for something to take with you on flights or camping trips, you want to make sure it’s light enough to carry.
  • Power Or Powerless? Some coffee makers require electricity; others don’t. 
  • What else will you need? Do you want something simpler, or does everything have to be just like at home? The coffee maker will be just one part of your travel coffee kit. Given the large range of portable coffee makers on the market, you might also need some other coffee gear.

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