When we were kids, there are many things we like to keep, no matter how old or unpleasant they are. We are all born collectors of many things, things that hold a great value or that we deeply cherish. We grew up seeing our mothers or grannies buying every punch bowl or teacup set they see in the market. Be it a pen, a toy, books, or merchandise from your favorite movie or game, whatever thing it is, we can collect them. 

But for some of us, collecting is more than just a hobby — it can be an act of self-care and a form of investment, too. Every collector has a personal reason why they collect things. Some say it is a sort of fulfillment, while for others, it is a reward for themselves.

If you are interested in collecting various things or looking for items to collect as a hobby, you might be interested in these items. We listed below the best things to collect, from your favorite Harry Potter merchandise to the books that most millionaires read. 

Popular ideas to collect for your hobbies

Whatever the reason you have for collecting, here are a few ideas of items that you can purchase.

  1. Merchandise. These are one of the most popular items that people collect. You can collect merch from your favorite sports team or merch from your favorite movie. 
  2. Books. Bibliophile — this is what they call people who love to collect books. If you love reading and have tons of books in your possession, then you already are a collector — a bibliophile.
  3. Toys. Collecting toys has no age. Whether you are already an adult, toys give a sense of joy to everybody.
  4. Watch. No one will understand a watch collector why they pay a hefty price for a watch until you are a collector of it too. But most watch collectors are men, and they pride joy in it.
  5. Vinyl Records. The nostalgic feeling it gives is what they can see in these antique items. There is nothing more exciting than reminiscing old life events with an old item too.

How can collecting be an act of self-care?

Psychologists believe that collecting can have a good impact on someone’s well-being. Here are a few reasons why it can help your mental health:

  • Creates joy. It gives us a sense of happiness to find something that excites us. We collect things to make ourselves happy.
  • Creates friends.  You are not alone in collecting even the simplest thing. Behind every collection is a community of collectors! Seeing someone buying a book you like or an antique you also have makes you connect with that stranger. It gives us a sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves.
  • Reduces anxiety. Collecting makes one person busy, and it allows you to escape from everyday life and focus on something else. 
  • Reliving childhood memories. Getting the feeling of being a child is one way to release stress. Once in a while, it is good to be free of all the problems and responsibilities of our life. Like when we were a child.

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