Restricting yourself from eating sweets is the hardest part of every diet. Although alternatives are available for our sweet cravings, the best option that will also give you nutrients you would usually get in a full meal would be protein bars!

Protein bars are the easiest and quickest way to re-energize your day and refuel your body, and some of them actually taste good and sweet! Whether you are gearing up for training, in need of a quick breakfast, or searching for afternoon snacks, a pack or two of protein bars sure is handy.

But in the sea of protein bars, how would you know which ones are the best tasting and filling? We listed a few of thebitbag’s favorites, as well as some requirements you should seek in a protein bar:

Things to consider when choosing a protein bar

There are many snack bars in the market, and each one can cater to different preferences. Before reaching your hands on the cutest packaging or the cheapest or biggest kind, consider checking the following first:

  • Ingredients Protein bars may contain different things like nuts or some sweeteners. Check the package first and make sure you are not allergic to anything on it. There are also vegan protein bars that you can enjoy even if you’re on a plant-based diet.
  • Taste Flavors and variants are as important as ingredients. Some people may love the texture of a nut or dates in a protein barn, but some may not. Try to find the right flavor that suits your taste buds. You wouldn’t want to resent yourself for eating healthy protein bars without agreeing it’s the best tasting one for you. Choose something that you will enjoy eating. 

Reasons why protein bar is beneficial for your diet

Protein bars are for everyone. Whether you’re on a diet, physically fit, or just plain busy, the benefits of the best tasting protein bars are almost unlimited:

  1. Meet daily calorie count A bar can is a concentrated source of energy to fuel your day. The extra 200-400 calories may give you the extra energy and calorie you need to meet your daily nutritional requirements.
  2. Reach your protein goals. A bar is a quick way to get 10-20g of protein. Even when you’re stuck in a few tasks, you can just sneak a protein bar, and you will surely reach your protein goal for the day.
  3. A quick snack for busy schedules. If you’re busy juggling 400 things a day, this is an easy way to bridge the gap between meals and prevent a hunger meltdown.
  4. Fuel your workouts. Protein bars are easy to digest and even easier to pack in your gym bag or sometimes before a big meeting.
  5. Limited options or storage. These bars are nice calorically dense food and are shelf-stable. A guarantee that if you get stuck on a runway, you at least have food.
  6. Alternatives to snacks. Just like any other snacks, protein bars are a great alternative to your regular chows.

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