Admit it or not, how we live now is different from when we do everything manually. Nowadays, we don’t rely on manual door knobs for our safety or heat water to make sure our drinks are purified. Now waking up multiple times to check the lights or plug appliances in our house is a thing of the past. 

With advanced technology, all our tasks at home are convenient to do with just a tap on the phone or a voice command. No more endless worrying about the house, whether it’s a clock, speaker, light bulb or cameras, utilizing these gadgets at home has been made easy with a simple tap or push of a button. Now you can enjoy living in the moment if you choose smart appliances essential for your home. With smart appliances, you can access anything and everything on your phone or devices; monitor the outside of your house with the CCTV, lock the doors, or turn off kitchen appliances while in bed!

There is a wide array of smart home devices on the market, so knowing where to start to turn your house into a smart home is essential. Ready your checklist because below is a list of our favorite home essentials to make our chores at home easier. 

What makes a home, smart?

Whether living alone or with kids, maintaining a house while you’re juggling other tasks is not as easy as our parents seem to tell us. A home can be smart if the appliances and devices can be automatically controlled remotely from anywhere, with an internet connection or other networked device. 

Whether you give the command by voice, through a remote control, or an app, a smart home reacts because it is connected to you 24/7. Most smart applications relate to lighting, security, home theater and entertainment, electricity management, and thermostat regulation — in short, a smart home is when you can control your appliances without any inconvenience.

From home security to entertainment, a smart home offers you pure convenience. Here’s a rundown of some of the amazing home accessories and devices we currently love!

What are the benefits of a smart home?

  1. Managing your home appliances from one place: Smart home essentials for living are connected with an app so you can easily monitor your homes from outside or wherever place you are in your home.
  2. Better and safer home security: With small children or elderly parents left in the house, installing smart home devices is very useful. When you incorporate both security and surveillance together into your smart home network, your home security will reach another level. 
  3. Controlling the functions of your home remotely: Through your app, you can turn on the air conditioner or call your pet when they need to eat or drink. You can even check if you left the lights on and ensure or ensure your family is drinking safe water.
  4. Increase in energy efficiency: Depending on how you utilize your smart-home technology, it is possible to make your place more energy-efficient. For instance, you can control the heating and cooling of your house with the help of a smart programmable thermostat, which can learn your schedule and temperature preference and even suggest the best energy-efficient settings throughout the day. You can also control the lights and switch the motorized shading to morning mode, or your lights can turn on or off when you enter or leave your house.

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