Even if some people enjoy hot coffee, you’d be surprised many prefer iced, flavorful coffee for refreshing relief. Just take a peek at a coffee shop, and you’ll see long lines waiting for iced lattes or cold brew ones. Make it hot, iced, or a frappe latte — there are different ways to enjoy a coffee. If there are coffee machines specifically designed for your hot brews — of course, there are also devices that make bad-ass iced coffee. 

Making iced coffee can be as simple as putting ice in your regular cup, but there is so much more to it than just ice. Iced coffee is as potent as hot brewed ones, and some take longer to make because the longer it takes, the more caffeine it preserves. So if you have to choose, choose the ones who drink cold brew because they can take heavily caffeinated drinks 😉

From iced coffee to cold brews, there are plenty of machines and devices to help you make your own version of iced coffee. We have listed below a few iced coffee makers that you can have at home or on the go.

What is iced coffee?

In layman’s terms, it’s just really coffee in a glass with plenty of ice. But there’s more to it than ice. Coffee grounds in iced coffee are brewed strongly and then cooled before pouring over ice. This process allowed the caffeine not to be diluted so it can preserve its strong kick versus the regular hot brew. Iced coffee is typically sweetened with a splash of milk and different kinds of syrup.

How to make iced coffee?

There are different ways to make tasty iced coffee. Here are a few tips and hacks on how to enjoy a cold glass.

  1. Cold-brew. Made without heat. Yes, no hot water is involved; you only brew the coffee grounds in cold water for a long time. It will create a smoother, natural sweeter taste with lower acidity but strong caffeine. It is usually steeped for 18-24 hours. It can be longer depending on your preference. 
  2. Coffee cubes. Some iced coffee tends to be watery because of the ice melting on your glass. Avoid this and make coffee cubes. You will never drink watered-down coffee again.
  3. Affogato. It is popularly known as a dessert, but did you know that it is just a regular strong coffee or espresso poured over a vanilla ice cream or gelato instead of ice. Wait for it to melt, and you will enjoy a cup of extra creamy cold coffee with this.
  4. Dalgona coffee. Dalgona is a term for hardened sugar or candy made with sugar in South Korea. Mix the powder (you can’t use grounds) with sugar but with very little water to make it foamy. Top it with whipped cream or milk froth in a glass of ice and milk.
  5. Frappé coffee. In simple words: shaken, blended, or beaten coffee. This method allows your coffee to be a tasty, foamy, and refreshing drink, often with whipped cream and toppings. You can add ice before or after beating the coffee. But what’s great with Frappes is its flexibility in ingredients. You can add sugar, milk, vanilla, and sweet sauces.

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