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  • Secure sufficient insurance coverage and travel with ease even during the difficult times

    With Travelex Insurance, you can travel the world with confidence, stress-free!

    • Travelex Insurance makes a hassle-free travel possible even in the middle of Covid or other challenging times
    • Serving travelers for more than 25 years, the company has been a provider of innovative travel plans and personalized service to explore the world safely
    • They have paid 98% of claims and have done it 5x faster than the industry average
  • Get the funding you need fast at competitive rates and under the most flexible terms with Personal Loans

    With Personal Loans, you can avail of the service and get connected to a lender free of charge!

    • Personal Loans is an online lending platform that offers a fast solution to your financial needs by allowing you to select the best loan offer for your financial profile and needs
    • It offers a maximum loan amount of $100,000 which is higher than most personal loan lenders
    • The site is simple to use. All it needs you to do is to fill out your information and then it displays all the banks and the lenders that can work with you.
  • Investing in Bitcoin with your IRA or 401k? This crypto platform lets you do it 24/7

    With this 24/7 platform, you can buy and sell crypto anywhere and anytime you please!

    • BitcoinIRA is a 24/7 crypto platform that serves users who want and need to buy and sell crypto anytime so that they can stay on top of their investment or take market actions whenever necessary
    • Because you are investing with your IRA, this should also mean that you can make these investments tax-free!
    • With this platform comes along other exciting features that can come in handy including live price tracking, education, and more!
  • Got a bad credit score? You can still get all the funds you need at the tips of your fingers with Bad Credit Loans

    Whether you need funds for your home, car or any project, this site will connect you to a lender that can help you regardless of your credit standing

    • Bad Credit Loans isn’t a lending company. Rather it’s a platform that can help you in situations when you can’t get funding because of your bad credit score
    • This platform also guarantees fast approval process and quick reputable lender matches
    • Using their services doesn’t come with fees or obligations and you can apply for loans up to $10,000
  • Search for unclaimed money or check credit scores for free with Credit Karma

    This tool aims to make finances easy for everyone so you can turn your financial dreams a reality

    • Credit Karma is your go-to spot for when you’re looking for a wide range of financial products that will fit your lifestyle such as loans, cards, savings, and others – all while navigating your way towards progress and financial freedom.
    • It’s a helpful tool you never thought you needed as it offers assistance to help you reach your goals by starting with providing you with your credit scores for FREE so you can keep an eye on your credit standing.
    • Whether it’s savings, loans, or rewards, Credit Karma personalizes its offer according to your financial needs.
  • Fix your credit at the tips of your fingers with

    This professional credit repair tool can help fix your credit and make your dreams finally come true!

    • offers professional credit repair so you can improve your credit scores and realize your dreams.
    • It aims to help you build a strong financial foundation and step toward a better future.
    • It works by analyzing the negative issues in your credit report to ultimately increase your credit scores.
  • myFico – your all-in-one solution to get your FICO Scores

    This tool lets you compare your FICO scores from all 3 bureaus the easiest and most efficient way

    • With myFico, you can compare your credit scores from the 3 major credit bureaus at your fingertips.
    • It’s your all in one solution to prepare you for your credit goals.
    • It helps you understand your FICO scores and monitor your scores so you can quickly identify issues and address them.
  • Three ways credit score can impact your life

    Having bad credit can make life pretty challenging — and expensive. Whether you’re applying for loans, credit cards, jobs, or apartments, your credit score matters a lot. That’s why our killer new tool, Credit Builder by Brigit, has you covered.

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