Scooters have been the number one favorite vehicle toy of every American kid. With the technology keeping up with the times, it’s amazing how these regular scooters have features we never knew we needed. Some are powered with electric motors instead of tiny feet pushing the ground! But with all these electric scooters in the market, how can you choose what’s best for your younglings?

Although they’re trending, electric scooters have a bad reputation in their early years. But these devices have come a long way, and they’re much safer and convenient for our kids now. To help you choose the best, we created a list of different electric scooters that are safe and definitely suitable for a kid’s use.

How to choose the best electric scooter for kids?

It depends on both you and your kids’ preference. Ask your child and talk about what type of scooter will fit your family’s needs. Here are a few points that can serve as your guide during decision making:

  • Motor. An electric scooter should have a powerful engine, but only strong enough for kids to control.
  • Batteries. The best way to spot a high-quality battery is by checking how long it holds a charge and if it is certified safe for use.
  • Brakes. Still, check if an electric scooter has good breaks. It plays a pivotal role in safety.
  • Frame. Some scooters are too high for the kid. So it is important to know the base and fork of the scooter you are buying.

Gears for a safety scooter ride for kids

Here are some prevention gears your kids need to keep them safe while riding an electric scooter.

  • Helmet. A helmet is an essential accessory for your child. Wearing it will help them feel secure and prevent their heads from getting wounded. 
  • Knee and elbow pads. Just like a head injury, scraped knees and bruised elbows can dampen a child’s enthusiasm. By getting them to wear the proper gear, you can minimize their chance of injuries.
  • Riding boots or footwear. Let your kid wear shoes that fit the terrain of the place where they will ride. 
  • Safety vests. Call it exaggerated, but safety is the top priority for kids. Whatever gear it is, if it helps us minimize the injuries, let your kids wear it.

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