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Tactical Survival Box built by Navy SEALs & Special Operations Forces Professionals

Note to Women: This is the gift men really want, thank us later

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If you’re looking for the best gift to give your S.O. that’s an enthusiast of all things military, here’s a monthly subscription box that will surely get you always ready for action. Yup, it’s specifically designed for all the modern and survival gear enthusiasts out there.
Introducing, the Crate Club:
Whether you are just starting your preparedness journey or you have been at it for a while, the Crate Club could be the pinnacle of your survival stockpile. They have almost all modern, tactical, and survival gears that can fit their crate, from first-aid kits to high-quality outdoor gear.

Are they legit?

The crates are hand-picked and tested by Navy SEALs and Special Operations Forces Professionals to provide you with the highest quality tactical and survival gear. They also received the most votes on’s best gift for men.

You can choose three kinds of crates per month:

  • Lieutenant
    Lieutenant $49.99

    For the casual or new tactician.

    Great for someone getting started in the outdoors or just enjoys cool gear. Enjoy things like survival and self-defense tools, fire starters, and EDC gear.

  • Captain
    Captain $99.99

    Gears picked by Navy Seals and Special Forces

    This crate includes the best mix of survival and tactical gear for everyday use picked by Navy Seals and Special Forces. Enjoy the spoils of survival tools, outdoor essentials, self-defense gear, medical kits, EDC packs, and more.

  • General
    General $399.99

    The 007 of gearboxes.

    This box is the brand's complete package built for the most hardened survivalists. It contains tactical and survival gear actually used by Navy SEALs and special forces like custom bulletproof bag inserts, tactical self-defense flashlights, binoculars, survival and EDC tools, and so much more.

Whether you’re a man on a mission or someone who’d like to stay vigilant, the Crate Club will drop your needed crate of survival and tactical supplies on your doorstep every month.