Tactical Games Are The New ‘Cool’ Thanks to Dragon Age Inquisition

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Not everyone appreciates tactical games. Most gamers love real-time action rather than slow-paced strategy games. However, Dragon Age Inquisition will give a new approach to tactical games that will make it one of the most awesome in the game genre.

Sure, Dragon Age has some real-time action. But check this video how its strategy options turn the tides of the combat.

This feature was already used by the previous Dragon Age series. We have seen these gameplays on Dragon Age Origins. However, the Dragon Age Inquisition development team did an awesome job emphasizing the strategic mode of the game.

The strategic mode of Dragon Age Inquisition allows players to have a full view of the battlefield. It pauses the time and allows players to get details about the enemies they are facing. You can also set auto commands to other characters while controlling a different character. You can either set a chain of skills, set movement points, guard specific characters or areas, or create a set of supportive skills to be triggered by certain conditions (i.e. death, hp below 50%, stuns, negative effects, etc.)

Also, if you are not into strategy games, you can customize certain NPC behaviors in advance and you can start beating up monsters in real-time. However, selecting a character will put the queued commands on halt. You will get the full control of the character until you select a new one to control. After that, the queued commands will resume.

You can also change the commands during the battle. This is the beauty of strategic mode. You can pause the game and set up spells where you can hit your enemies the most. Auto commands will only act as instructed. It is up to you to weigh the current situation and issue the commands.

Dragon Age Inquisition is set to come out this November 18. This is the first series of gameplay videos that Electronic Arts released for Dragon Age Inquisition.

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