Taco Bell Ushers New Era with Home Deliveries

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A typical Taco Bell restaurant.

In a revamp to follow the other major fast food companies, Taco Bell is finally including a home delivery service to its line of offerings to the public. The company in the beginning was adamant against including a home delivery service since the food they offer is best eaten immediately after it has been made. Now, to be able to keep abreast of the competition, Taco Bell would be testing its first delivery system in 2015.

According to Taco Bell CEO Brian Niccol, in an interview quoted on the New York Post, said, ?We have to make sure we can give them an experience that?s consistent with Taco Bell. We have to figure it out and I can tell you right now we don?t have it figured out.?

The goal, according to the CEO, is to make Taco Bell an ?on-demand brand?.

He added, as quoted by USA Today, ?We are positioning ourselves for clock-less eating. Technology is changing the way people interact with restaurants and retail. We have the appeal to the taste and spirit of Millennials ? who want access to anything they want, when they want.?

In reality, none of the major fast food companies have figured out the intricacies of delivery service, aside from the pizza restaurants.

Another new offering from Taco Bell is the Quesalupa, which consists of melted pepper jack cheese filling for a flaky chalupa shell. There is also cheddar cheese as well as beef, lettuce, sour-cream and diced tomatos. The product is being tested in 36 Toledo, OH locations.

In related news, a Newport, Kentucky Taco Bell was the scene of a crime, after a man was reported to have passed out in the restaurant?s drive through. Initial reports said the man may have suffered an apparent heroin overdose.

The man?s companion, later identified as Elsie Hall, fled the scene right before the police arrived. She was arrested and found that there was a substance, believed to be heroin, in her possession. She had previous outstanding warrants related to drug possession.

As for the man, his name was not released and was admitted to a nearby hospital.

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