Tablet Battle: iPad Mini Vs. Kindle Fire

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Tablet Battle: iPad Mini Vs. Kindle Fire

The time has come that you need not be convinced that a tablet is something you should have, for work, study and recreation. You don’t want anything bulky….something that is portable and easy to carry. A mini-tablet fits the bill.
Now what.
You looked at the various choices and of course, the Apple iPad Mini was on the top of the list. Better than most android tablet devices, as many of your friends have probably told you.
But wait, what is this ?dark horse?tablet from The Kindle Fire.
All of a sudden, you need help to decide.
And the Tablet battle begins : iPad Mini versus the Kindle Fire.


Definitely, the iPad Mini is the clear favorite and that puts the Kindle Fire as the underdog in this duel. But, the fight isn’t over here at The Bitbag until we sort out the nitty gritty of these two heavyweight mini-tablet contenders.

First, let us look at their ?win-loss record? and ?tale of the tape?.
The challenger, the Kindle Fire is a tablet by any definition and is from online superstore It has a full color display and yes, it runs on Android.
The recognized champ, the iPad Mini, is a smaller sibling of the iPad, a ?hall of fame? member in the Tablet category. It really needs no introduction..really.

Video: iPad Mini vs. Kindle Fire HD (Android Authority / YouTube)

Their Home Crowd: The Amazon Kindle App Store versus the Apple App Store.
When it comes to mobile gadgets, it’s the apps that make the big difference. Of course, tablets have other functions but the apps make it more than just an electronic organizer or photo album. In this aspect, Apple and the iPad Mini rules with more than a million apps available versus Amazon’s approximate 129,000 apps in the Kindle store.


Books, Books, Books – Book reading is a big thing for tablet users and both the iPad Mini and the Kindle Fire are excellent gadgets for this purpose. The Kindle Fire takes advantage of the e-bookstore that also delivers magazines and newspapers that are properly formatted for the Kindle.
The iPad Mini has for its source the iBooks Store and NewsStand app of Apple, an equally magnificent trove of titles for books, magazines and newspapers. What gives the iPad Mini a bit of advantage is that it can also download the Kindle App which can then give you easy access to the Amazon store as well.

Video: Kindle Fire HD vs. iPad Mini with Retina (Goodereader / YouTube)

Tech, Tech,Tech- Ultimately, some will say, it will all boil down to who has the better technology.
Apple’s iPad Mini runs on iOS while the Kindle Fire runs on Android. So does it all hinge on the battle between software?
Experts will argue that the Apple iOS is still the more advanced tech but Android fans will say that the latest developments make the Android user interface very easy and functional, enough to rival the iOS any day.


Price ? So if you are still undecided if one or the other is ahead in your scorecard, perhaps the price will settle the fight. To be fair, let us look at both ends of the price spectrum.
On the cheaper side, the Kindle Fire starts at approximately US$ 198.xx with the iPad Mini going as low as US$413.xx
The high end model for Kindle, The Fire HDX sells for about US$ 330.xx while the iPad Mini with Retina Display sells for approximately US$ 529.xx
On these figures alone, one would argue that the Kindle wins, but iPad fans would reason that the superior operating system is definitely worth the extra dollars.

So what is it going to be?

The decision will of course be yours and yours alone, and it will all really depend on what you will use the tablet for. If ?Reading? is your primary and dominant use, the Kindle Fire will do fine. But the usage of tablets is getting more and more functional and most experts say that the limitations of the Kindle Fire ( and other Android Tablets) as compared to Apple’s iOS will soon be evident once you start using your tablet in your daily activities.
With the risk of being biased ( I am a self-proclaimed Apple fan), I would personally opt, cost aside, for the iPad Mini.
Of course, this is the decision of just one judge.
And the battle continues…….

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