T-Mobile Vs. Sprint Unlimited Data: Compare Price, Terms, Features

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The T-Mobile vs. Sprint unlimited data competition is on its way. These two companies have already been battling it out for market share. Now, they have stepped into a new battlefield which is unlimited data. Also, this threatens the market share of bigger players. At what cost to the consumer? Well, if they are okay with standard definition streaming. Not so bad? Well, not so bad for many.

It was reported in CNet by Marguerite Reardon that the new plans will cost significantly less than what the two companies charge, $95. Again, this is without a cost. All videos on the service will be down to standard definition as this free up some bandwidth across their particular networks. She notes that Roger Entner, an analyst at Recon Analytics, estimates that standard-definition video takes five times less network capacity than HD video.

So who to go with if you want this unlimited data service but at a video quality cost? Here?s some points to ponder.

Individual Price and Family Price

For the first customer, T-Mobile charges $70. Sprint, on the other hand, starts at $60. The second line for T-Mobile will cost $50 a month while Sprint charges $40. For additional lines, T-Mobile charges just $20 up to eight lines with auto-pay turned off. Sprint?s price for additional lines costs $30 each for a total of five subscribers. As Reardon points out, Sprint seems to be a better deal if all things stay constant except for the price. A family of four, though, will pay the same amount whether it?s T-Mobile or Sprint.

Hotspot Options

If you want to use your phone as a hotspot for other devices, T-Mobile charges extra. Sprint does not. For T-Mobile, their unlimited tethering is at 128 kilobits per second. If you want to have 4G speeds, they charge for an extra $15. Sprint, on the other hand, offers 4G up to 5G speeds free of charge.

The Coverage Issue: Choicemaker?

Sprint looks to be one offering the winning deal but there is a catch. If you live in less densely populated areas, its service is not that reliable. T-Mobile may be the one for you. But you just have to shell out extra. If you live in the urban centers, Sprint could be your choice, well if you don?t travel too much away from its coverage.

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