T-Mobile Giving Away Freebies with LG G5 for a Limited Time

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The LG G5 is probably one of the hottest smartphones right now. Since its launch last month during the Mobile World Congress 2016, people have been excited about getting their hands on this exciting new phone which introduced modular accessories which can be used with it. Not as if we need more reasons to get the LG G5 but T-Mobile has just announced that they are giving away freebies for the people who buy the latest LG flagship smartphone for a limited time only.

According to Tech Times, T-Mobile has posted on their website that customers who are able to buy the LG G5 from T-Mobile before April 17th will be able to get a free LG Battery Bundle. On the other hand, for those who buy the smartphone before April 5th T-Mobile will likewise throw in a new LG 360 CAM which is worth $200.

The LG Battery Bundle costs around $80 according to the T-Mobile website and with the $200 LG 360 CAM those who get the LG G5 before April 5th will get almost $300 worth of freebies along with the amazing new smartphone. The website does mention that the free LG 360 CAM will be available while supplies last so those who want to get this freebie should make sure to hurry and get it as early as possible.

According to Android Authority, the LG G5 pre-orders starts on Mar. 29 and will be released nationwide on Apr. 1. The G5 is expected to be one of the major competitors of the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge this year and it will be interesting to see just how much sales will the free bundles result to.

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