?T-Bag,? ?C-Note? Confirm Return In ?Prison Break? Season 5

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Yet another bout of good news.

After confirmation that the show is indeed returning, I know a lot of you guys are waiting on who will be starring in Prison Break Season 5.

Well, we have that for you, folks. So contain your excitement as we reveal to you the characters that will be returning in the next installment of the much-anticipated TV series.

In a report released by IGN, everyone should expect Robert Knepper and Rockmond Dunbar to commit anew in the forthcoming season of ?Prison Break.?

Knepper will still be reprising the role of Theodore ?T-Bag? Bagwell while Dunbar will still be Benjamin Miles ?C-Note? Franklin. ?Theodore ?T-Bag? Bagwell is known for being charming and attractive to many women, despite the multiple crimes he has committed. It should also be noted that Knepper?s character seems to have a different level of sexual desire, flirting with not just women but also with transsexuals and even young men.

Meanwhile, Benjamin Miles ?C-Note? Franklin is a smuggler. He smuggles in random things anywhere, at any given time. However, Franklin is also known as a caring father. He loves his family so much that he?ll do whatever it takes to make his family safe, even betraying his own allies.

But wait there?s more?

Amaury Nolasco will also be returning as Fernando Sucre. Nolasco?s character is known to be a robber. He is very loyal to Michael Scofield.

With the confirmation of these three gentlemen, they will be joining Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell and Sarah Wayne Callies, who previously announced their return to the next season.

Creator Paul T. Scheuring along with the members of the original producing team, Neal Moritz, Marty Adelstein, and Dawn Olmstead are still the people helming the upcoming installment.

Last week, we released an article about what to expect on ?Prison Break? returns, which may be later this year or even in 2017. Here?s a quick round-up of what we had gathered in case you missed it.

Reports speculated that season 5 is set to feature a love triangle, involving the favorite Scofield, played by Wentworth Miller, and Dr. Sara Tancredi, portrayed by Callies. It is also expected that the series will be jumping five years forward, making it unclear for the audience how Scofield survived season 4.

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