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1994?s cult classic System Shock, then developed by Looking Glass technologies and published by Origin Sytems, is getting a remastered update after 22 years of its release. The project is led by Night Dive Studios and is being developed for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One.

The game is being developed in Unity. The visuals look crisp and the lonely atmosphere looks downright eerie. Check out the trailer released by the developer below.

The description of the video reads, ?After 20 years, we are remastering and re-imagining the original System Shock. We will keep the new game true to the classic experience, keeping all the things you loved, while updating the user interface and graphics to use a modern day engine (Unity).?

Thanks to modern technology, the developers have been able to harness the power of the Unity engine to re-imagine the classic in a way that has impressed both fans of the series and newcomers alike. In the trailer, a moment comes when the protagonist looks out the window of the spaceship and glimpses the beautiful rings of Saturn. This is the kind of graphical improvement that the developers are talking about. Even though the trailer is pre-alpha footage, it looks absolutely brilliant.

Company founder Stephen Kick spoke to Polygon about the game and mentioned EA?s fantastic horror adventure ?Dead Space? as an influence.

?We’ve kind of shifted the tone from the original game of a horror adventure to more of a horror experience.?

And rightly so, because a game like System Shock, which stunned the gamer with its theme of extreme isolation back in 1994, has to be able to do the same in 2016. However, in the modern era, it is not really easy to isolate the gamer from NPC interaction and still keep the game engaging.

Release date for the re-mastered version of System Shock has not been confirmed by the developer.

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