Syria War Update: Photo Of Dead Syrian Boy Washed Ashore Is Most Powerful Image Of Global Indifference, Social Media Mourns

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A photo of a boy, lying face down in the sands lifeless, did its rounds through the internet, and social media mourned the untimely end of his short-lived childhood. It was the end of the journey for the 3-year-old Alayn Kurdi who was fleeing from a war-torn Syria to get away from the madness, according to the Guardian.

Alayn Kurdi died with his five-year-old brother Galip, and mother, Rehan. The father and husband, Abdullah Kurdi, was able to survive. The image of the lifeless body of Alayn created a strong public indignation even ?embarrassing political leaders as far away as Canada, where authorities had rejected an asylum application from the boy?s relatives,? shared by the Guardian. The Kurdi family was chasing a final effort to escape to relatives in Canada even after the country dismissed their petition.

?I was trying to sponsor them,? their aunt Teema Kurdi, a hairdresser in Vancouver, said in an interview with the National Post. ?And I have my friends and my neighbors, who helped me with the bank deposits, but we couldn?t get them out, and that is why they went in the boat,? she added. ?I was even paying rent for them in Turkey, but it is horrible the way they treat Syrians there.?

According to the Guardian, Teema Kurdi?s account was backed by her local MP, Fin Donelly, who told the National Post that ?he had personally delivered Kurdi?s application to the immigration minister, Chris Alexander, in March, but it had been turned down.

Alayn Kurdi drowned after a 15-foot boat from the Turkish beach resort of Bodrum going to the Greek Island of Kos they were on apparently capsized killing 12 other passengers. Tragedies such as this may be the result of the fighting between the Islamic State and Syrian Kurdish.

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