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To Be or Not To Be: Syncing Your Money to Online Money Transfer Portals

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The advent of technology has defied gravity. What was once impossible to the people is now but a normal thing done to our daily lives. But is this power we are enjoying right now ?really good?

One of the most crucial parts of the increasing power of technology is concerns about money. Whether it is your online business, advertisements, or banking, it is still inevitable to fear that the binaries circling around the invisible cyberspace will get mixed and matched sooner or later. And of course, people would never want to get their money involved with such crucial transactions.

Thus, we are left with the question, is our money safe online?

A lot of online money transfer sites are now brimming the internet nowadays. From the famous U.S-based PayPal to India’s Net Banking, everyone is promising an excellent service of??international?e-commerce?business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet. And as of now millions of people are already putting their trust on such online money transfer portals.

images (6)To be: Why make an online money transfer account?

The best thing about having an online money transfer account is you can bring your money anywhere… by not bringing it. Simply put, you can have access to your virtual money anytime without the danger of being robbed or anything. You can also use your money to buy merchandise online without the hassle of physically handling your transaction.

You can also make a living through your online money transfer account. You can hire employees internationally (thus, increasing the number of your general demographic) and get them paid through your online money transfer account. On the other hand, you can also be the employee yourself, and get your salary hassle-free within the comfort of your own fingertips.

Not to be: Why you should not make an online money transfer account?

Just like in the traditional banking system, it is possible to be a victim of fraud in online money transfer. Aside from fraud, the danger meter is a lot exacerbated through hackers and internet-experts which can find a way to access your account and use it for their own interests.?Also, you may be a victim of bogus employers and other business transactors.


However, such problems can be avoided by your utmost care. It is still your decision if you will take the risk of online money transfer portals and make the most out of it or get caged in your bank book.

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