Sylvester Stallone Admits To Feeling Old In Movie Creed: ?Everything?s Just Changed?

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What more can be exciting than the team of power-packed talents -actor Michael B. Jordan, writer-director Ryan Coogler and none other than the phenomenal Sylvester Stallone to make Creed?

Jordan and Coogler are coming off one of the best movies of 2013 – Fruitvale Station.With Creed, they have taken a leap from independent cinema to big-budget Hollywood franchise. Stallone’sperformance is a pleasant surprise. He hasn’t delivered a performance with this much precision and depth since at least “Cop Land” (1997) or maybe the first “Rocky” (1976) or maybe ever according to oregonlive.com

Sylvester Stallone returned to the big screen after nearly 40 years of playing the character, but the actor said he wasn’t always so confident that he made a good Rocky.

According to cinemablend.com, Sylvester Stallone admitted to Ellen DeGeneres, on her very popular-The Ellen Show, confessing that he felt he was too old to write a boxing film for a young, modern audience. Sylvester Stallone openly said, ?The reason I didn?t want to write it is because it?s a whole new generation. Forty years has passed, and what worked in my generation doesn?t exactly work in this generation. Everything?s just changed.?

Creed stars Stallone as some mug named Rocky Balboa, and Michael B. Jordan as Adonis Johnson, the son of Rocky’s best pal, boxing legend Apollo Creed. Ryan Coogler and his co-writer, Aaron Covington, build a have come up with a great story — Apollo Creed’s illegitimate son burns to be a champion on his own terms and goes to Philadelphia to train with Rocky Balboa, the man who formed an unbreakable bond with Creed over four movies.

Ryan Coogler has a close relationship with Michael B. Jordan, the talented star of “Fruitvale Station”and a committed, athletic actor (“Friday Night Lights”). Jordan trained for nearly a year to look the part of a trim and vigorous boxer and threw himself with equal vigor into the film’s emotional demands according to latimes.com

Ryan Coogler and his team do fine work making us believe that nothing we see is predetermined, that anything can happen within the four corners of the ring. Can you ask for anything more from a ?Rocky? film?

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