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Control Your Sylvania Smart Light Bulb With Siri; No Central Hub Necessary

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Sylvania smart light bulb

People who already set up smart light?bulbs such as Philips? Hue probably had to link their bulbs to a central hub. On the other hand, people who didn?t must only be using basic control. That being said, the Sylvania Smart light bulb is trying to surpass everything else.

Other products namely Lutron Light and Philips Hue bulbs switches need a HomeKit hub accessory to bridge their platforms over to the smart home network of Apple. Sylvania, on the other hand, doesn?t

The Sylvania Smart Light Bulb

Sylvania is introducing a Smart Multicolor A19 bulb that eliminates the need for setting up a hub. But, it does still give the user the advanced control using Apple?s HomeKit. As a matter of fact, the Smart Multicolor A19 bulb can also be controlled using Apple?s Siri.

Sylvania smart light bulb

Users will only have to synchronize the Bluetooth lighting via iOS Home App in order to illuminate a room. However, Bluetooth does have some limitations. For instance, the users will need an iPad or Apple TV to a server as a hub if they wish to control the bulb out of range.

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Furthermore, going for the Sylvania Smart light bulb would still be a logical choice compared to other smart lights. Especially, people who are living in an Apple ecosystem and thought of the hub as nothing but a hindrance. Furthermore, its price is still yet to be announced at the present time.

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Fortunately, reports suggest that it would be available on Amazon early next year. In addition, the company has also stated that they would expand their HomeKit products throughout the year of 2017. Apple has also announced back in October that they are expecting to have more than a hundred HomeKit-certified accessories by the end of 2016.

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