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Syberia 3 Review: Adventure Game Gets Mixed Reception At Launch

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Syberia 3 Review
Artwork For Syberia 3 [Image Courtesy Of Syberia 3 Website]

It’s been 13 years since the last entry in the Syberia series and some fans finally have the chance to continue on with the adventures of Kate Walker. The third installment is available on Steam and it seems like those who’ve been following the game since the start are split. Players are releasing their Syberia 3 review and the game isn’t pleasing everyone.

Over at the game’s Steam page, players are giving their Syberia 3 review and the game has an overall mixed reception on Steam. It’s worth noting though that 55% of the Syberia 3 review from players are positive. The game does make a good follow up to Syberia 2, but it has a few issues.

The Bad

Many players are complaining about the game’s terrible steering. More often than not, players find themselves struggling against unintentional obstacles like walls because of the terrible control. The game is even harder when players use a mouse and a keyboard.

Another issue players are complaining about is with Kate’s stiff character model. Players are even joking that there might be a twist in the end that reveals that the Kate in Syberia 3 is a robot. This would be a good reason why she’s so stiff but her character model is just probably made poorly.

Overall, players think the game is poorly optimized. It doesn’t feel like a current-gen game and this perhaps is the main reason why many are critical in their Syberis 3 review. What’s worst is that it’s almost 7 years since the game’s announcement and why it’s poorly optimized remains to be a mystery.

The Good

The game still has its strong points. Right off the bat, players are loving the game’s story. It didn’t please everyone but many are still captivated. Many have stated that the game makes it feel like there’s no 13-year gap between Syberia 2 and 3.

Another positive thing players have to say about the game is that it has amazing music.  Players get the same feel of the first games thanks to the background music.


Overall, Syberia 3 is a decent follow up by the standards of a few players. However, thanks to the many technical issues in the game, it’s likely that the community will be split for a long time. If the developer does update the game’s mechanics, then the future looks brighter for the game

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